The DIY Hunter

243 WSSM Model 1885 Rock Chuck Hunting

View of my 243 WSSM Model 1885 from my lap while rock chuck hunting.

Dallen and I took a hike to hunt rock chucks this past week. We went into an area that usually has abundant numbers of chucks however this year we only found a handful of chucks.  We had given the area a break from hunting the previous year so maybe some else had been in the area the past two years. Who knows. We did find a few rock chucks and were able to have some fun.

Dallen was packing his Browning A-Bolt Stainless Stalker in 223 Rem. and was shooting a 50g V-Max handload clocking right at 3,000 fps. I was packing my Winchester Model 1885 in 243 WSSM shooting factory 55g Ballistic Tips, clocking in at 4240 fps, with this 28" long-barreled rifle.

Both of us are shooting from a sitting position. I am using a set of Stoney Point Shooting Stix and Dallen has a large Browning Bi-Pod on his rifle. He prefers Shooting Stix but we think his set got left on the mountain when we shot our cow elk this past winter.

I let Dallen take the first crack, at the first chuck. It was a small chuck, at 246 yards. It takes him three shots to connect on this rock chuck. His first two shots are near misses. I have to give him credit as he is only using a 3-9x Bushnell Elite 3200 rifle scope and shooting with a bi-pod from a sitting position. After his first two shots I decide to take a "warm-up" shot myself and just skim the top of it's back for a miss... and I have no excuse, I just missed. You will notice a considerable difference in the speed of the bullet and the impact on the rock on the third shot in this video. When I have my rifle down to reload Dallen center punches the chuck on his third shot.

This rock chuck is at 244 yards and I send him flying with a center punch from my 243 WSSM Model 1885, using a 55g Ballistic Tip, having a 4240 fps muzzle velocity.

Dallen with his Browning A-Bolt Stainless Stalker 223 Rem.

Dallen with the thumbs-up after he shoots his first rock chuck for the year.

Me with my 243 WSSM Model 1885 out Rock Chuck Hunting

Dallen turns the camera on Dad.

We didn't get to shoot very much this trip out but we had a lot of fun nonetheless. The trip also provided some much-needed exercise. I have put a few pounds on this past winter. I need to get in a little better shape and take several more trips like this before summer is over. Dallen and I had a great time. I really enjoy the talks we have when we are out hunting together. He's growing up on me.