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Hornady 150 Gr SST - 270 WSM X-Bolt

Shooting the Hornady 150 Gr SST out of my Browning X-Bolt 270 WSM.

I've been slowly working on getting a load for the Hornady 150 Gr SST bullet. I haven't been too tickled with the accuracy and performance on critters with the 150 Gr Accubond Long Range. And then there are the Berger 150 Gr VLDs that shoot really well in my 270 WSM Model 1885 but this particular load doesn't shoot so well in my X-Bolt.

Not to get confused with what load goes with what gun I like each rifle to have only certain bullets for each rifle. So in this case I know that any 270 WSMs loaded with a VLD I know that they go in my Model 1885.

The G7 BC of 0.245 for the 150 SST isn't quite as good as the G7 of 0.265 for the 150 VLD but I really like the price of the SST bullets compared to the Accubond LR and VLD. SSTs also get good reviews on their performance on big game so I am hopeful this will now be my go to bullet for my X-Bolt.

I took three trips to the range testing loads but I finally have a really accurate load that I am excited to start using in the field.

Check out the data for this load on my 270 WSM Handloads page.


Hornady 150 Gr SST 3 Shot Groups from a 270 WSM X-Bolt

The 3 shot 100-yard groups with the Hornady 150 Gr SST out of my Browning X-Bolt 270 WSM. Three different powder charges at the same seating depth. The flier on the lower right group may well have been my fault. Nonetheless, all three groups are sub MOA.