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300 WSM 200 Gr. ELD-X X-Bolt Hell's Canyon Speed Rifle.

First time out with my new Hell's Canyon Speed rifle. I picked this rifle up in the employee sale a couple months back. Did one bore sight shot then shot this 3 shot, 100 yard group.

Below are my personal favorite loads for my 300 WSM Hell's Canyon Speed X-Bolt rifle and Dallen's X-Bolt Long Range Laminate rifle. 

So far the only bullet I have been playing with in our 300 WSM X-Bolt's is the 200 Gr Hornady ELD-X. I've been really liking the ELD-X bullets from Hornady and have been moving more and more of my rifles over to these bullets.

Here's some DIY Hunting Rifle Target Downloads that might be helpful as well.

Bullet Powder Primer COAL Barrel Length Muzzle Velocity Notes
200 Gr. Hornady ELD-X 63 Gr. IMR 4350 WLRM 2.8655 26" 2,920 Holy Cow! Amazing Accuracy!
200 Gr. Hornady ELD-X 63 Gr. IMR 4350 WLRM 2.8655 23" 2,830  

300 WSM 200 Gr. ELD-X 3 Shot Groups.

Dallen's new X-Bolt 300 WSM and Hornady 200 Gr ELD-X bullets. 0.376, 0.565, 0.550 inch 100 yard groups. Shot off sand bags in breezy conditions. I'm amazed! I just used Hornady's recommended COAL and three different powder charges of IMR 4350. L-R shooting at second row of targets - 59 Gr then adjusted scope up and to right and let rifle cool while I shot another rifle, then 61 Gr and last 63 Gr shot right after the 61 Gr group with no cool down in between. Holy Crap! 200 ELD-X bullets rock!!!