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6.5 PRC 147 Gr ELD-M 100 Yard Groups

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6.5 PRC 147 ELD-M 5 Shot Group

The 147 Gr ELD-M has all the right numbers on paper and I have heard a lot of great feedback from people hunting with this bullet so that is my first bullet to try. It didn't disappoint with my first hand loads I tried. 

Here's some DIY Hunting Rifle Target Downloads that might be helpful as well.

Bullet Powder Primer COAL Barrel Length Muzzle Velocity Notes
147 Gr. Hornady ELD-M 58.8 Gr. Retumbo WLR 2.9450-2.9490" 24" 2,996 Sub MOA Accuracy. Max powder charge according to Hodgdon. Shooting very nice in my rifle. Every load I have tried has shot under 3/4" groups.